Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lake Powell 2010

I didn't think Powell would be fun cuz i'd be chasing a 15 month old dare devil around the whole time, but we actually had a blast. Mack and i only went for 2 days but Hunter got to go for the whole week. Ty stayed home to man the fort. I was so impressed that Mack could doggy paddle. I had floaties on him (they were pink cuz we borrowed them from Scarlett) and he loved swimming and was really good- only swallowed maybe a gallon of lake water. Hunter cliff jumped, did front flips off the boat, and built sand castles with Nazi flags all over them... we told him that those were not quite appropriate and so he changed them to German ones :) We missed Ty a whole lot, but we were glad to be able to go. Thanks Mimi and Papa!

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